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Trila For The Social Media Savvy

Trila helps you convert 3D content into something you can actually publish. In a few steps you'll have a 3D model you can use in Office 365, Photoshop, Facebook, Snapchat, Wikipedia, Unity or your webpage. No expensive 3D software or training needed. Watch the intro video here.

Facebook 3D Post
Facebook 3D Post
Snapchat Lens

Are you awesome at social media but less amazing at creating 3D content? Do you want to create 3D posts on Facebook and Snapchat lenses but you don't know how to use 3D software? Fear not. Trila is here!

There is a huge amount of 3D content available on the internet. Check out these amazing sites:

You can find almost anything! Downloading is easy but many files are incompatible with Facebook or Snapchat. You will have to purchase expensive 3D software or will at least have to spend many hours learning how to use it.

Trila can help you turn this into social media magic! Check out the easy to understand guides we've written for your social media platform of choice: