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Trila For Office 365 Users

Trila helps you convert 3D content into something you can actually publish. In a few steps you'll have a 3D model you can use in Office 365, Photoshop, Facebook, Snapchat, Wikipedia, Unity or your webpage. No expensive 3D software or training needed. Watch the intro video here.

Bored of always showing that same slide deck, spreadsheet or document? Looking for a new, visual way of communicating? Less text, more visuals to support your message? Would you like to do something different to inspire your audience?

Trila can help you do this. There's a world of 3D content available on the internet. Unless you're a 3D expert it is very hard to make use of. Trila makes this easy for you. In a few steps your 3D content will be ready to be used within your favourite Office 365 application.

Check out this easy to follow guide we've written for Office 365:

Did you know that Trila also supports Facebook, Snapchat, Photoshop and many others? We've written these guides to help you: