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About Trila

Trila helps you convert 3D content into something you can actually publish. In a few steps you'll have a 3D model you can use in Office 365, Photoshop, Facebook, Snapchat, Wikipedia, Unity or your webpage. No expensive 3D software or training needed. Watch the intro video here.

Trila was built by Rozengain, a company that was founded in London, United Kingdom and now based in The Netherlands. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who have years of experience in advertising agencies, visual effects companies and multinationals.

We grew frustrated by the fact that there is so much 3D content available, but that most of it is hard to use. Unless you're well versed in 3D content creation software there is no quick way to get this content into the format you need.

Trila changes this. Our mission is to liberate 3D content and make it available for everyone to use.

Our platform is built using our own proprietary software and for some features we use Blender and Assimp.

We have many more features in the pipeline that will make Trila even more use-friendly, more intelligent and more efficient. Do you have any suggestions? Please contact us.